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Mission & Values



Walter L. Cohen College Prep High School will prepare students with academic and life skills for success in college, career, and beyond.


We believe that the keys to achieving our mission are rooted in our six core values:


  • Excellence: We have ambitious goals and when we achieve them, we achieve excellence. Trying is not enough.
  • Respect: We are professionals. We assume the best and value individuality.
  • Perseverance: We maintain absolute faith in the midst of brutal facts. We don't give up. We find solutions.
  • Caring: We love our kids and staff. We assume the best and provide support where needed.
  • Joy: We love what we do. We celebrate our work and growth. We find the fun in the hard work.
  • Responsibility: We do all aspects of our job at a high level. We solve problems. When it is not working, we figure something else out.