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Special Education Program


Our special education program adheres to the philosophy that all scholars are entitled to the individualized supports necessary to maximize his/her potential. We empower teachers and scholars to achieve excellence in all aspects of our scholar’s social/emotional/behavioral and academic lives. We work diligently to provide quality education that prepares all scholars to enter and excel in rigorous, post-secondary outcomes.

Through collaborative efforts with staff, families and community partners, we are committed to the following:

  • Acknowledging the needs of diverse learners through inclusive practices and specialized instruction
  • Implementing evidence-based practices and instruction as outlined on Individualized Education Programs (IEP’s)
  • Encouraging scholars and families to advocate for their support needs
  • Creating a safe climate for scholar learning and development
  • Collaborating with community supports to improve and increase parent/family-school involvement.
  • Working towards rigorous post-secondary options that prioritize self-determination for every scholar regardless of exceptionality
  • Ensuring legal and ethical guidelines for special education services are implemented with fidelity

In addition to providing in class supports within the general education setting, Cohen College Prep has a transition program for scholars who have more significant cognitive disabilities and are not on track for a traditional core four diploma.


Scholars who need support outside of what is provided in the self-contained setting are reviewed on an individualized basis by the IEP team. After reviewing, the team problem-solves to determine the best programming and setting to meet at scholar’s needs. Unique ways in which we’ve provided additional support in the past include, but are not limited to 1:1 paraeducators, modified schedules, the addition of assistive technology devices (e.g., voice output device, text-to-speech software), adding related services (e.g., social work services, speech therapy, etc.).

Homebound services are provided when that setting best meets the needs of the scholar.

If you have any questions related to Special Education Services or information related to scholar inclusion in Special Education Services please reach out to the Special Education Coordinator.