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All Cohen scholars are expected to be in full uniform each day. If scholars are not in full uniform they will not be allowed to attend classes. The uniform is as follows:


  • White Cohen collar shirt or Green Cohen polo
  • Khaki pants/shorts (knee length and not form fitting or sagging) or approved plaid pants. Joggers are permitted. All pants/shorts must be hole, rip, or tear free. Shoes:
  • Any color closed toe and closed heel shoes
  • Any color or patterned socks (no images of drugs or weapons)

Hair & Accessories:

  • No excessive/inappropriate jewelry
  • No chains or keys hanging from pocket or wallet
  • No head coverings or hats outside of religious purpose
  • No excessive, obscene or offensive designs


  • NOCP tie (green, gold or striped, NOCP item only) tied neatly
  • Cohen cardigan
  • Any Cohen Sweatshirt or outerwear sold in school
  • A belt (no obscene or offensive designs)
  • Official athletic or club NOCP polo allowed per approval of Cohen Administration

Physical Education Uniform

  • Physical Education students must wear the school approved PE uniform on any days where physical activity is required.
  • PE uniforms consist of the black Cohen PE short and the Kelly Green Cohen PE shirt.
  • Shoes: Athletic/Tennis shoes with a rubber sole are required. (No boots, slippers, slides, flip-flops, or sandals)

Scholars not in proper uniform will remain in ISS until their uniform issues can be resolved and will be issued a demerit.

Please be advised:

  • Plaid skirts are no longer allowed.
  • Any outerwear (hats, sweaters, jackets, etc.) that is not a product of the NOCP uniform will be confiscated. If scholars choose to wear any to school, they need to place them in their bag prior to entering the building.
  • While scholars are allowed to wear light makeup, this privilege can be revoked if scholars abuse it by wearing bright colors, make up not approved above or are caught reapplying makeup in class. There is no grooming in class.
  • We reserve the right to request that inappropriate tattoos remain covered up.



Dress Down

Scholars will be notified when they receive dress down by Thursday afternoon for the following day. In order to qualify, scholars need to have 100% attendance (no tardies, early checkouts or absences) and no detentions for the week. Any scholar who violates the dress down requirements will be placed in ISS and will lose future opportunities for dress down.

Dress Down Guidelines:

  • Shoes of any kind or color (closed toe and closed heel)
  • Any color or patterned socks (no images of drugs or weapons)
  • Jeans, sweatpants, or shorts (shorts must touch the fingertip of the middle finger)
  • No rips, tears, patched, shredded, or distressed jeans
  • No see-through pants
  • No tights or leggings as pants
  • No pants revealing skin of any sort will be allowed
  • No skirts or dresses
  • Any University or College Prep t-shirt, shirt or sweatshirt (no tank tops, see-through shirts, or midriff showing shirts)